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AI-based professional coffee solution for real-time coffee quantity and quality monitoring.

Suitable for ANY professional coffee machine

Why CupSense?

Track the quality of your coffee by comparing the specific characteristics, like water flow, temperature, bean usage, and flushing/cleanup activity, to your brand standards.

Detect each cup of coffee made by tracking how much coffee beans are ground in grinders and water dispensed. Receive the reports in your inbox to analyze bean consumption by location, date, and time.

Know exactly which type of coffee the baristas made – double or single espresso, ristretto, or lungo, by tracking the specifics of the drink.

Track when your machines are cleaned and flushed and predict the next maintenance visit.
cupsense is a professional coffee monitoring software

Who Is CupSense for?

CupSense is made for coffee roasters to maintain brand standards and increase profits.

Roasters and Distributors

Uphold brand standards and increase sales by detecting inadequate coffee bean consumption.

CupSense is made for coffee machine makers to increase machine lifespan and cut maintenance costs.

Coffee Machine Makers

Guarantee top-quality flavor and avoid machine malfunctions with predicted maintenance.

CupSense is made for coffee shops and chains to increase customer loyalty

Coffee Chains and Shops

Maintain consistent quality of served coffee, increase consumption, and improve consumer loyalty.

How can CupSense help your business?

Roasters and Distributors

  • Increase sales up to 40%

    Compare the weight of used beans to the number of prepared coffee cups to avoid unauthorized coffee brand usage and protect your sales.

  • Maintain your Brand Standards

    Monitor in real-time preparation characteristics like temperature, water flow, bean usage, and flushing to detect if coffee is made by your brand standards.

Coffee Machine Makers

  • Save on maintenance

    Track the water flow, number of cleanups and flushes, and temperature to predict when the machine needs to be cleaned, reducing the frequency and costs of maintenance.

  • Increase machine lifespan

    Place your machines according to coffee shop consumption needs to avoid wearing them off too soon.

Coffee Shops and Chains

  • Satisfy your customers

    Serve quality prepared coffee with each cup and maintain your customers’ loyalty.

  • Distribute workload equally

    Detect consumption peaks throughout the day to optimally allocate your baristas and avoid overload.

“CupSense’s revolutionary platform for professional coffee machines has provided us with full transparency of every cup served. We’ve been able to ensure top quality without compromises, minimize our maintenance costs and protect the brand name we are well known for.”

Lorenzo Ponzuoli, CEO


cupsense is a professional coffee monitoring solution

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